Many of us have heard the term interior design and wonder what it really means. Well it is interpreted just as it is written. The design of interiors or interior spaces. The bulk of Nigerians have designed their homes and work space themselves for a very long time and pay very little attention to what the outcome is as long as it looks good.

Design goes beyond looking good to feeling good and creating a safe and inspiring environment. The only way to achieve this is by creating a space that suits you as an individual, your personality, your preferences….. The best designs are those that create the most enabling environment for you to thrive in! If you feel sad, down, despondent, downcast or just indifferent when you get into your living room, bedroom, kitchen or work space it is indicative of a bad design plan and execution. A properly designed space will instantly lift your spirit up the moment you walk into the space.

Interior design takes into consideration the architecture of the building, the floor plan, the electrical placements, colour, space planning, soft furnishing, building codes, art, craft, etc. It is a profession that is very important because it is directly related to the well-being of individuals and groups of people.





kings-arms-hotel-christmas-lunchWhen we think of Christmas, we think holidays, family reunions, lots of food, especially rice and fried meat, drinks, decor, music, carols and all kinds of events!

I have noticed over the years that there is a lot of foreign input in our Christmas culture such that the uniqueness of the Nigerian Christmas is not evident or even ‘celebrated’.


Let’s talk about decor. Artificial Christmas trees represent the natural pine Christmas trees used in Europe and America. Thankfully we also have similar natural pine trees in Nigeria. Natural ornaments like pine cones are also native to Europe. These can be replaced with Luffa aegyptiaca a sponge-like plant that grows as weed. Colours do not have to be traditionally red, green and gold and ornaments don’t have to be icicles for instance, seeing that we never have snow or ice during the Christmas season.


Although Santa Claus originated from Finland and Christmas did not start in Nigeria, I think that adding a touch of Nigeria to the celebrations would make it very homely and attractive to tourists who may be present during the holidays.


I have taken out some time and done some research to identify a few things that are peculiar to us during the Christmas holidays.

  1. The Harmattan season (dry, dusty, cold, red, and brown) is peculiar to us, not snow…haha…truth be told
  2. Chickens, turkeys, goats, cows and rams not reindeers.
  3. Colours of flowers that grow in the wild like yellow and purple, not the traditional red for berries.

Now, I’m not saying we should not do Christmas like we already know to, but advising that things peculiar to us Nigerians during the Christmas holidays should be incorporated.


Who defines Christmas anyway?????……..The ball is in your court.


The potential and manifestation of NIGERIA starts with YOU.

Nigeria has been a third world country since its independence ‘Third world’, refers to people groups who did no partake or benefit from the industrial revolution because they were subjugated at the time, being used to fuel the economic base for the revolution. Many of them were reduced to slaves, in-adventured servants, roles that robbed them of their identities, dignity, self-worth, and self-respect.

Despite changes in conditions and a greater measure of independence, many Nigerians and their generations still grapple with their identities and self worth when compared to the white man. Unfortunately, we keep reinforcing the notion that we who are termed ‘third world people’ do not possess the potential to cultivate skills, intelligence and sophistication necessary to approach or equal those of industrialized states.

We need to know as Nigerians that our potential is limitless and cannot be measured by the opinions and estimations of ourselves and others. we posses the ability to achieve, develop, accomplish, produce, create and perform almost anything our minds can conceive.

It’s high time we renewed our minds, and take advantage of who we are and what we can make of ourselves. Our generations unborn are waiting for companies, organizations, ideas etc that are world standard. Start acting big, not just thinking big.

Excerpt from ‘Becoming a leader’ by Myles Munroe



Few years ago, I saw no hope for Nigeria, and would rather live in Europe or far away Australia until I came to understand that we Nigerians are one of the most fortunate people in the world, with all our drive, enthusiasm, hard work, resources (not just natural), opportunities (that some of us will soon know about) and hope.

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We are a blessed people. This blog will be a combination of so many areas of life as it affects our success in Nigeria. Your comments are welcome.

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